Sunday 3 February 2013

February Tourney

Nine players competed in the February HSC tournament. Super Bowl Sunday may have been a  factor on a day when 12 were expected to turn out. Big news though as finally there was an HSC tournament final not played between Peter and Shaun. Stephen forced his way into a final for the first time since the Toronto Tourney in September. Winner was as usual though, Peter with a 2-1 victory in the final. Beaten Semi-Finalist were Shaun and Brodyn. Next tournament date to be announced soon, looking at mid March. Can someone knock Peter off his perch?

Left to Right: Liam,Dan,Brodyn,Stephen,Shaun,Peter,Mick,Keiran,John
Quarter Finals - Basement Divisions - Dan v Stephen and Mick v Shaun

Quarter Final - Kitchen Division - Brodyn v John

Wednesday 16 January 2013

January WASPA Tournament

Twelve players competed in the HSC monthly WASPA tournament with Peter Sexton winning his 3rd straight HSC tournament and 4th WASPA title of the season. For the third tournament in a row, Shaun Burt was the beaten finalist. All the finals have been tight games, this one especially so, as it took three shootout rounds to decide the contest after a 1-1 regulation time scoreline had no further OT goals. Losing Semi-finalists were Stephen McNab (3rd straight semi loss, grrrrr) beaten by Peter and John McKay, beaten by Shaun. Other highlights from the day included the youngest HSC member, Liam Sexton, going undefeated in the group stages and winning group 3, while John McKay, one of the originals from Hamilton Subbuteo of the 1980's, had a strong outing getting to the semi finals. Two new players, both new to the current scene but old veterans of the game also competed. Next tournament in early February, looking to get to 16 players taking part and hopefully we'll remember to get a group photograph taken before all the action gets underway.


Saturday 12 January 2013

Christmas Vacation Project

Here's a photo of my Christmas vacation project, the 1927-28 Rangers home and away teams that will make their debut at the HSC January tournament. Ordered various bases, discs, vintage figures, boxes and balls a couple of weeks before the holidays from LPM and Subbuteoworld. Did all the painting over the holidays. Not great but pretty good for first attempt from Mr. Shakyhands. Next set of bases, discs and figures are on the way from Tablesoccerusa for next painting project.
Been a bit lax in the old blogosphere but thought I'd better post this before it's forgotten. The HSC (Sexton/McNab family branch of 5 players) had a little Christmas flick-about on December 23rd with Stephen McNab beating Peter Sexton 1-0 in the final. There, it's written down, it happened. :-)

Next official tournament under the WASPA banner goes on January 13th at the Virginia Court HSC centre. 12 expected to compete. Results and photos here soon after the event.