Wednesday, 28 November 2012

HSC Inaugural Tourney

Final - Peter v Shaun
The Hamilton Subbuteo Club's kick off tournament on November 24th had six participants and Peter Sexton won his second WASPA tour event of the season, adding to his win in Toronto in September. Peter beat Shaun Burt 1-0 in the final. There were some exciting and eventful games and everyone who took part is looking forward to the next event. Stay tuned for details.
Group B action - Liam v Chris

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

HSC - Getting Started

The recently formed Hamilton Subbuteo Club can trace its roots back to the mid/late 1980’s when a group of eight enthusiasts played regular league and cup fixtures against each other. Players took turns hosting weekly events and competition lasted for a couple of years until interest eventually waned. Occasionally, a couple of players from that time, Peter Sexton and Stephen McNab, would have impromptu games against each other but there was never a notion of anything more serious until a Facebook post regarding the FISTF world cup in Manchester brought about a challenge match between the aforementioned McNab and Sexton. This led to both entering a tournament in Toronto in September 2012, introducing both to the WASPA tour. Peter won that tournament with Stephen the other finalist and both left Toronto with a renewed Subbuteo obsession. After investing in some new equipment and wishing to compete in more regular WASPA rated tournaments as well as introduce new players to the game, the idea of forming an official Hamilton Subbuteo Club was hatched and soon after, an inaugural tournament was announced to the WASPA community.